E-Commerce is more than a market place

E-commerce has been on the rise in the last several years and hat growth shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. It's a multi-dimensional challenge to find new ways to engage with potential customers and keep them returning.

In the past e-commerce was about launching a store-front online. Today it’s a multi-dimensional challenge to find new ways to engage with potential customers and keep them returning.

Mobile applications enable customers to buy what they want, when they want, where they want. Shoppers want social feed back to inform their purchase decisions. Marketers and business leaders want to know more about their potential and current customers — and how to speak their language.

All the while – behind the scenes shipping and fulfilment systems need to work like magic.

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    E-commerce web application development

    We help our customers with E-commerce web application development (like CS Cart, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify and many others). Modification, shop migration, building new e-commerce websites – and everything you need to growth your online business.

  • salesforce crm

    Integrated, Salesforce CRM development

    Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem. The Salesforce Customer Success Platform can help your business grow into a more streamlined, effective and efficient organisation across sales, service, marketing and more.

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    ERP integration and consulting

    Integrated and smart management of core business processes. In real-time, mediated by software and technology. We help our customers  evaluate, implement, model, and customize critical ERP software, because  implementation and configuration of the software is more important than the software itself.

  • mobile apps

    Customer-facing mobile application development

    The power of mobility provides companies with almost limitless opportunities to not only reach their customers, but also to better understand them, on previously unthinkable levels.

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    Integrated social marketing

    Integrated social media strategy that delivers more coordinated and consistent brand experiences, develops a deeper understanding of their customers and effectively targets and responds to key influencers.

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